From morning yoga to a roof deck BBQ, here’s a perfect Saturday at TRIO Newton

From morning yoga to a roof deck BBQ, here’s a perfect Saturday at TRIO Newton

Are you looking for something to do in Newton? When you live at TRIO Newton, the plan writes itself. 

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re debating what to do in Newton 

You feel like getting out but don’t want to venture too far from home. Good food and an evening activity should ideally be part of the plan. The idea of working out is alluring but the thought of driving to a fitness studio is notYou contemplate splurging on something special for lunch to elevate the feel of today. What restaurant should you pick? 

If you live at TRIO Newton, the plan writes itself. Treat the wide range of luxury amenities and the surrounding neighborhood as pieces of your puzzle. By the time it all falls into place, you can look back at a perfect Saturday.  

Here’s a sample of what to do in Newton when you live right in the thick of it.  

The answer to what to do in Newton is found at — TRIO Newton 

Good morning 

The sun still sits low on the horizon but you’re ready to leave the toasty warmth underneath the covers behind. Your Nest thermostat has, as always, ensured you wake up to just the right temperature. You said you would like to kick off today with some exercise, but what are you in the mood for 

On this particular morning, you saunter off to the yoga studio for 45 minutes of flow. The spin cycling studio with its on-demand classes will have to wait for another day, as will the airy fitness center where a couple of residents are already hard at work You return to your brand-new apartment, invigorated but still ready for a double espresso (Tip: bring back your beverage of choice from the machine in the downstairs lounge).   

Mid-morning plans 

That double espresso was just the beginning. There’s nothing like having a leisurely breakfastThe Cinnamon Chip Swirl Bread that you picked up yesterday at the Great Harvest Bread Coin Newtonville, just steps from TRIO Newton, makes the most heavenly French toast. You pour yourself another cup of hot brew – the roasted flavors from George Howell Coffee, another Newtonville gem, are just too good to pass up.  

Next: air. You bring your last (?) morning cup of coffee to one of the two roof decks to decide what to do next. It seems like a walk to Cabot and Edmands parks is the right call.  Temperatures are hovering in the mid-60s, some distant clouds offer no match for the sun, and you quickly reach a comfortable pace. Those new spring boots from the Barn Family Shoe Store on the ground floor of TRIO Newton are perfect for the occasion.  


You arrive in the Newtonville town center just in time to meet a friend for lunch. With recent to-die-for takeout from Aji Sushi Bar fresh in mind, you can’t wait to go back. You split a sushi meal for two and add a Crazy Fighter maki (spicy shrimp tempura) from the Chef’s Special Creation menu.  

The afternoon is here  

Game night is just hours away and you need a spread for your small gathering. It’s good to know Whole Foods Market is located a couple of minutes down the street.  Cheese, charcuterie, olives, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, dessert, wine…it’s time to head back to TRIO Newton.    

Evening joy 

The Thermador appliances, quartz countertops, and white flat-panel cabinetry in the Chef’s Kitchen provide a striking backdrop to your antipasto platter. At this time last night, you were sipping a Pomegranate Negroni at next-door Cook. Now, guests are arriving, ready to play shuffleboard and pool in the Game Room that seamlessly connects to the kitchen and Club LoungeFor the main course, you bring the entire party onto the roof deck for a spontaneous BBQ. The fire pits are sparkling. What aevening.  

Late evening perfection 

It’s time for a nightcap and you know just where to go. The lounge is divided into cozy nooks and open seating. In this case, you and the two guests that remain opt for the former 

This Saturday turned out just the way you had hoped. And isn’t it great to know that home is no farther than upstairs? 

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