TRIO Newton partners with New Art Center — and this is the eye-catching result

TRIO Newton partners with New Art Center — and this is the eye-catching result

Looking for art in Newton? Check just beyond your doorstep at TRIO Newton — the new studio is that close.

Home is where the art is. At TRIO Newton, that is now literally true.

TRIO Newton has partnered with the New Art Center — and the result is a cultural hub available to residents and the community at-large. The non-profit community art education space is housed within TRIO Newton in Newtonville, offering hundreds of classes within steps of the apartment doors.

More art in Newton — yes, it’s really happening

In short, this is reason for anyone who loves art in Newton to celebrate.

“From the start of the development process, we always envisioned art to be a major aspect of the building; and we feel that the New Art Center is the perfect complement to our retail tenants on the ground floor,” says Daniel Korff of Mark Development. “We are extremely excited to have the New Art Center under our roof and truly feel that this partnership can be something special.”

The bright 2,000-square-foot space is located on the second floor of the east building, overlooking the public plaza. A private elevator takes visitors straight into the studio. Whether you’ve just started to explore painting or have made it your life’s calling, the New Art Center accommodates everyone.

Just consider what’s on tap for the next month and you can probably picture yourself quicky adopting Picasso-like skills: Figure Drawing Basics, Mixed Media Mondays, Intro to Wheel, The Collaged Landscape, Glass Fusing, and more.

Premieres, exhibitions, gatherings

And there’s more good news for residents: the partnership will stretch beyond the walls of the studio. Teachers and students at the New Art Center are invited to treat TRIO Newton as their blank canvas. An exterior or interior wall may be transformed by a mural and select work may be showcased in the amenity spaces.

The Club Room and Game Room — themselves works of art thanks to the design of PCA, a renowned firm for architecture and interior design — may double as galleries and gathering spaces for intimate events. How does an art premiere at your doorstep sound?

“We really see the New Art Center as part of the TRIO Newton team,” Korff says.

For the best art in Newton — welcome to TRIO Newton.

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