Hunting for a smart apartment? TRIO Newton features most smart home technologies

Hunting for a smart apartment? TRIO Newton features most smart home technologies

With a smart apartment, convenience always rules.

“Alexa — what’s the most popular smart home technology?”

You find the answer right at TRIO Newton. Surveys show smart locks and smart thermostats rank at the top when people are asked to rate the most compelling smart home technology. And — yes! — TRIO Newton features both.

So, what is it like living in a smart apartment?

Temperature perfection, voice-controlled door locks, virtual keys — what’s not to love about a TRIO Newton smart apartment?

The Nest: You’ll never go ‘brrr’ again

It’s hard to believe such an inconspicuous (and stylish) device could have such a big impact, but that ring on the wall in your smart apartment is the king of temperature control. The Google Nest Thermostat has gained a stellar reputation since the first version was launched in 2011 and the good reviews keep coming.

After testing more than a dozen popular smart thermostats, the New York Times recently concluded the Nest remains the top pick. More than 30,000 users agree, giving this smart thermostat a 4.8/5 rating on Google.

Why do they love it?

It saves energy: An energy clock on the Nest homepage keeps tab on the total kWh saved. When we last checked, savings were quickly approaching 60 billion kWh of energy! For individual users, it typically translates into 10% saved on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Since the thermostat controls half your energy bill, it pays to have a Nest.

It’s so smart: Toasty in the morning. Cool at night. The Nest is a quick study and aims to please. It doesn’t take long for this smart thermostat to learn your preferences and build a schedule that keeps the temperature just right at all times.

It’s user-friendly: With the Nest app, your thermostat lives on your wall and in your pocket. So, when you’re on the way home on a chilly afternoon, tap your smartphone to turn it up and enjoy a warm greeting as you step inside. Welcome home to your smart apartment.

Butterfly MX: Knock, knock, you’ll know who’s there

“Open, please.” With Butterfly MX, all you need to unlock the front door is your own voice — and that’s just the beginning. Voice Control is one of a myriad of features of this smart intercom system. Built for modern living, Butterfly MX provides you with a menu of commands designed for both safety and convenience.

Know a friend is on the way over to visit? Issue a virtual key for seamless guest access straight from your smartphone. Want to see who’s at the building’s front door? Again, use your smartphone to initiate a voice or video chat with visitors.

“Love, love, love this system. I have had it at my last two apartments, and it is now something I ask about when apartment hunting,” comments Myra, a satisfied user who wrote one of the 6,000 5-star reviews highlighted on the Butterfly MX website.

Here’s another smart move: Come tour TRIO Newton and check out our smart apartments for yourself.

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