10 details to love about TRIO Newton’s luxury apartments

10 details to love about TRIO Newton’s luxury apartments

When it comes to luxury apartments, the smallest details are the most important — and that’s where TRIO excels.

What strikes you when you walk into a new space? It may be the light pouring in from floor-to-ceiling windows, the airy feel of soaring ceilings, or the noticeable quality of the building materials. At TRIO Newton, you get all of the above but there’s more.

These 10 details say so much about the lifestyle these luxury apartments afford.

Attention, luxury apartment hunters: Meet 10 details that elevate everyday living at TRIO Newton.

1.    Luxury defined: Rooftop firepit

The sun is setting over Newton as you settle in by the firepit on the roof deck actually, make that one of two roof decks. One features a fireplace, the other includes grilling stations and a firepit surrounded by plush armchairs. Tonight you opt for the latter. The vibe out here is relaxed. String lights create a warm ambiance, and you might as well stay all night.

2.    For the furry friends: Pet bath

So, your pup took a nosedive into a puddle during your morning trail run at Edmands Park. Wash away sand, dirt, and grime before your four-legged friend gets a chance to shake it off in your luxury apartment and then wag his tail at the mess. The pet grooming station is a lifesaver for pup-owning residents, helping both your pup and your TRIO apartment stay spiffy clean.

3.    Visitor alert: Smart access technology

You have a visitor! Guess who? Pull it up on your smartphone to take a look. The ButterflyMX smart video intercom system lets you know exactly who’s at the front door, initiate a conversation, and grant access from wherever you are. Enjoy the latest in modern living.

4.    Pick-me-up: Coffee and refreshment stations

Small things can make a big difference. That’s why coffee and refreshment stations are strategically placed throughout our amenity spaces. Sip an espresso in the Club Room; bring a cappuccino to our outdoor plaza; or pair a latte with views from the roof deck. Tune in to a new way to live.

5.    Adrenaline rush: Spin cycles

Step inside the spin studio. You know the drill: Hop on. Pick a class from your favorite cycling app. Rev the RPMs, and feel the sense of accomplishment grow. To wind down, pull out a mat in the yoga studio. For a full-body cardio and lifting session, make the fitness center your next stop. Working out has never been this easy.

6.    Smart settings: Nest thermostats

Temperature perfection, at all times. As we are heading into the hottest part of the year, the Nest Learning Thermostat is your friend. The first thermostat to get Energy Star certified, it not only adapts to your life and seasonal changes, it saves energy, too. Welcome to your helpful — and environmentally friendly! — luxury apartment.

7.    Clean air advantage: Exterior vented exhaust hoods

Enjoy gourmet cooking without marinating in smoke. You can feel the impact of the exterior vented exhaust hood any time you let the gas range sizzle. By pulling the smoke outside, your indoor environment remains crisp and clean regardless of your culinary undertakings. Present your culinary masterpiece on the quartz kitchen island, and breathe in the fresh air.

8.    Best of the best: Thermador appliances

Thermador ranks in the top 10 of 2020 luxury appliance brands. At TRIO Newton, you have the premium appliances at your disposal in the Chef’s Kitchen. Situated just off the Game Room, the kitchen — white tile backsplash, quartz countertops — lets you host friends or invite a professional chef to do the work. Here’s to many evenings to remember.

9.    For the winners: Shuffleboard

Playing games is a good thing when you live at TRIO Newton. Cue the shuffleboard in the Game Room. The classic game functions both as party starter and lazy afternoon activity. If the competition is stiff, settle the score with a round of billiards. Take a shot — and good luck.

10. Smooth riding: Bike maintenance equipment

Bike storage is useful. Bike storage with maintenance equipment kicks it up a notch. TRIO Newton features both. The fact is people are biking more than ever before. Whether you’re an avid bike commuter, mountain bike wiz, or recreational rider, having a place to store and tune your bike right where you live is a huge convenience factor. Happy riding.

This list is really just the beginning, but you get the picture. TRIO Newton is no ordinary luxury apartment community. What details would stand out to you?

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