Hello, leasing team! What can you tell us about TRIO Newton apartments?

Hello, leasing team! What can you tell us about TRIO Newton apartments?

To learn the most important facts about TRIO Newton apartments, read this Q&A with the experts.

If you have questions about living in Newton, the expert leasing team at TRIO Newton has the answers. Meet Carrie, Leasing Director, and Leasing Coordinator Livia, a Newton resident who was born and raised in next-door Weston. They’re seasoned real estate pros who can tell you everything there is to know about our brand-new Newton apartments and why living here makes so much sense.

From the most commonly asked questions to their favorite restaurant picks, read our Q&A to learn more about TRIO Newton apartments and the surrounding neighborhood.

Q&A: Let’s hear it from Carrie and Livi on TRIO Newton apartments

Q. What sets TRIO Newton apart from other residences in Newton? 

Carrie: There are a number of things, but I’d say the location, attention to detail, sense of community, and accessibility make TRIO a standout.

Livi: TRIO is unique to the area because it is brand-new construction, including five different apartment types and 31 different floorplans. Not only is there a wide variety of plans, but the fact TRIO itself is mixed-use retail and residential also brings a new feel to the Newtonville area.

Q. What five words would you use to describe the feel of living here?

Carrie:  Community. Comfortable. Relaxed. Convenient. Fun.

Livi: Chic. Fun. Modern. Exciting. Safe.

Q. Is there anything about the building that surprised you? 

Carrie: I was surprised by how different and interesting each unit is. It’s really out of the ordinary.

Livi: The large number of floorplans offered to residents!

Q. If you were to spend a lazy Saturday at TRIO Newton, what would you do?

Carrie: After enjoying my morning coffee on one of the two rooftop decks, I’d head to the Newton Historic Boathouse on the Charles River to go rowing or kayaking. Located only 10 minutes from TRIO, it’s a fantastic recreational resource.

Livi: I would grab coffee from one of the coffee stations at TRIO, take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood, have lunch with a friend, and sit in the beautiful courtyard with a good read.

Q. What are some things people may not know about the neighborhood around the TRIO Newton apartments?

Carrie: There are so many great places to walk to, beautiful tree-lined streets, and historic homes. Along with the ease of having everything you need around the corner, it is a very special neighborhood.

Livi: Well, not everyone may know we have so many grocery stores right down the street from us. [Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Star Market are all located within half a mile of TRIO.] Then there are delicious restaurants and other shops as well. You can grab fresh rolls at LeDu Thai, beers and tasty snacks at Brewer’s Coalition, fresh-baked bread at Great Harvest Bakery, and the latest brews at George Howell Coffee, a real lab for new flavors. All are just a 4-minute walk from here. There are a lot of options for a fun night out!

Q. What’s the most common question you receive from people inquiring about the property?

Carrie:Can we have pets?” My answer: “Yes, up to two.”

Livi: “How long does it take to get downtown?” to which I reply “10-15 min!” It’s a great location.

Q. What are three of your top favorite nearby restaurants and what makes them so great? 

Carrie: Cook — great salads! Brewer’s Coalition — great burgers! Los Amigos Taqueria — amazing burritos!

Livi: Aji for the sushi, Cook for the cocktails, and Cabot’s has the best ice cream!

Q. How has Newton evolved over the past 10-20 years?

Carrie: Newton has become a very desirable community to live in because of its many diverse neighborhoods, excellent schools and medical offerings, and its proximity to Boston. It’s the best of all worlds.

Livi: In my opinion, the biggest change over the last 10 years has been in demographics. When I first started working in Newton in 2009, it was all families. Now, there are tons of people my age (early to mid-30s) looking to live in Newton. There are so many features that make it a great place for young professionals: It’s safe, a quick ride from the city, buildings are new and sleek, and the bar and restaurant scene has really taken off.

Q. What do you want people looking for Newton apartments to know about TRIO?

Carrie: TRIO Newton offers ease of living in a suburb with all the benefits of an urban environment. You can walk to so many area amenities, and it’s minutes from downtown Boston.

Livi: TRIO is in a perfect location in Newton. Brand new, sleek, fun, and accessible. You have everything at your fingertips. I think it’s an ideal place for empty nesters, as well as singles and young families that are searching for an amenity-rich apartment community before finding a forever home.

Do you have more questions for the leasing team? Carrie and Livi are happy to talk. They are only a call or email away.

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