Apartment with a fitness center? Let’s add a spin and yoga studio, too

Apartment with a fitness center? Let’s add a spin and yoga studio, too

If you’re on the hunt for an apartment with a fitness center, you should know TRIO Newton offers that and much more. 

Why stop at an apartment with a fitness center? At TRIO Newton, you get both a spin and yoga studio in addition to the coveted fitness amenity. We’ll walk you through all the features and take a look at a nearby trail for jogging and power walking. 

Spin Studio: Rev it up 

See that road ahead of you? Start pedaling and race toward the horizon. That’s the feeling you get when you ride the spin cycles in the TRIO Newton spin studio. A dramatic floor-to-ceiling image of a tree-lined road gets you in the right spirit as you walk in for your workout session. Select your own favorite spin-cycle app or hop on one of the connected Les Mills bikes that let you tap into over 1,000 on-demand videosWhether you’re a beginner or a spin-cycle pro, there’s a class for every level. Climb steep hills, sprint on flat roads, keep pace with the pack. You can do it all without leaving TRIO Newton.  

Why rev the RPMs? Not only a leg workout, spin cycling benefits the whole body 

Yoga Studio: Calm your mind 

Most of us have been through the drill: changing with an eye on the clock, fighting trafficwaiting for class to begin, rushing home. As much as we love our yoga studio memberships, it’s also nice to know you can cut the commute to a few stepsWelcome to the TRIO Newton yoga studio. Conveniently located right in the building, you’ll arrive in seconds. With apps like Glo and Alo Movesyou can pick whatever the moment calls for  power poses, meditation, or an entire series of classes based on your yoga goals. Can we get a “namaste”? 

Why do yoga? It’s magic for the body and mind 

Fitness center: Sweat it out 

Some spaces are designed to make you want to come back for more. The TRIO Newton fitness center fits that description. Take the view from the treadmills, for example. From your second-floor spot, you overlook the lobby below and plaza outside through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windowsThe space is bright, airy, and equipped with everything you need to tone, sculpt, build, and sweat. The treadmills, by the way, come with connected screens for access to on-demand workouts and your favorite shows. When you rent an apartment with a fitness center like this, you’ll return again and again 

Why it’s worth it? Better sleep, improved self-esteem, strengthened immune system…the list goes on 

Trails: Breathe easy 

Craving fresh air? Head to the TRIO Newton roof deck  or recharge on the trails of Edmands ParkA popular spot for walking, jogging, and cross-country skiing, the 33-acre park is located within a 15-minute walk from TRIO Newton. Surrounded by stone walls and bordered by Boston College Law School, it’s aoasis of open oak forest and small clearings. Pups like it here too. When you return home to TRIO Newton, you’ve completed a 3-mile loop. Congratulations on a job well done.    

Why soak in nature? It’s good for your mood  

Come see it all for yourself. We’d love to show you around.  

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