Where to eat in Newton in the middle of summer (Let’s keep it cool)

Where to eat in Newton in the middle of summer (Let’s keep it cool)

Foodies, rejoice. Newton is a foodie town, loaded with hot spots for cool treats. When it starts to heat up, our mouths begin to water for the kind of dishes that define summer. The best news is TRIO Newton comes surrounded with food that takes the edge off those 90-degree days.  

 So, if you’re asking where to eat in Newton in the middle of summer, we’re happy to deliver the answer below.  

Where to eat in Newton: the summer shortlist 

Cabot’sGo to ice cream heaven 

Welcome to ice cream heavenThere’s a reason Cabot’s (743 Washington St., Newtonrecently celebrated 50 years in business. The classic Root Beer Freeze, decadent sundaes, Old-Fashioned Chocolate Malted, and divine fruit parfaits have been part of the Newton tradition since 1969. With 70 flavors and 30 toppings on tap, count on this shop to stick around for years to come. 

Moldova Restaurant: Cool it with soup 

The patio is open and, based on turnoutMoldova Restaurant (344 Watertown St., Newton) is still the go-to place for authentic Eastern European fare in Newton. If you’re not familiar with Okróshka, you will be soon. The cold soup of raw vegetables and boiled potatoes tops the summer menu alongside other hot-weather items like Fresh Crawfish Boil and Radish Salad. Enjoy your meal — or as they say in Moldovapoftă bună. 

Cook: Go green — or pick the Grill Box 

Craft cocktails and the Go Green menu (the Kale Salad features brussels sprouts, parmesan, hazelnuts, and verjus vinaigrette) have made this modern, soaring-ceiling bistro a neighborhood favorite. But we also couldn’t help but notice Cook (825 Washington St., Newton) currently offers a BBQ and Grill Box special that sounds tailor-made to be enjoyed on one of TRIO Newton’s two roof decksAdd drinks (beer, white or red sangria) and dessert (s’more tarts, peach cobbler…) for the ultimate summer meal.  

 Stacks Espresso BarBreathe a sigh of relief 

How does this sound on a steaming day in July? Coffee steeped in cold water for 14 hours to create a coffee concentrateand then poured over ice. Stacks Espresso Bar (1169 Walnut St., Newton Highlandsmakes this rich, ice-cold, and highly caffeinated drink — and the relief is instantGoogle critics agree: “There’s no better place to start the day than at Stacks. So glad to have this awesome place in the neighborhood.” 

 Aji: Get on the sushi train 

Sushi goes hand in hand with summer — and the masters at Aji (340 Walnut St., Newtonvilleknow how to serve it upJuly calls for a Spicy Avocado Saladsushi and sashimi a-la-carte picks, and — to add a touch of something festive — the Chef’s Special Creation Maki. GrubHub critics — 614 of them! — give Aji five solid stars. 

 Brewer’s Coalition: Let the brews rule 

The next stop on our tour of where to eat in Newton is the Brewer’s Coalition (344 Walnut St., Newtonville)renowned among locals for its impressive craft beer selection and elevated bar food. On a hot day, the legendary burgers will need to stand aside in favor of a healthy serving of salad (GreekRoast Chicken Apple…) and Soft Shell Fish Tacos. Wash down with any of the 20 craft beers on tap. Summer has never tasted so good.  

 Yogurt Beach: Freeze  and leave refreshed 

Go for a 10-minute vacation at Yogurt Beach (665 Watertown St., Newton) down the street. Surf-board tables and beachy décor provide the perfect setting to take your pick among the highest quality frozen yogurts and custardsThe number of toppings, sauces, fresh fruit, and cereal top 60, leaving no doubt you will walk away with the mixture of your dreams.  


Shaking Crab: Do the shake 

It may not offer the coldest fare but we simply can’t resist mentioning the summer takeout special from the Shaking Crab (203 Adams St., Newton— shrimp and snow crab combos with a choice of sides and add-ons. The Shaking Crab began as a lunch craving for fresh New England shellfish and bold Cajun flavors in the spring of 2015. Now, co-owners Kevin and Nick, who used to work together in downtown Boston, have turned the concept of “messy eating” into a franchise. Or, as they like to say, “Bibs up, phones down, we need your help to continue spreading the communal experience of shaking.” 

Our list of where to eat in Newton has come to an end although this is really just the beginning.  

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